* Every month more new customers in Europe store stem cells from the umbilical cord at Vita 34 than in any other German stem cell bank.

Why umbilical cord blood?

Stem cells from the umbilical cord of your baby are the most recent and most vital body's own stem cells, which can be obtained today. Use this unique chance and find out about a Vita 34 STEM CELL DEPOT.

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We are convinced that a stem cell deposit containing umbilical cord blood and tissue becomes more valuable every year. Inform yourself.

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30. Nov.

Stammzellen aus Nabelschnur - Informationsveranstaltung für werdende Eltern

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02. Dec.

Gesundheitsvorsorge mit Stammzellen aus der Nabelschnur

18:00, 99084 Erfurt


03. Dec.

Informationsveranstaltung für werdende Eltern

18:00, 15711 Königs Wusterhausen


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Vita 34 Glass Laboratory

We invite you to look over our shoulder and follow the preparation process in our Good Manufacturing Process high-tech laboratory. Set up an on-site visit appointment here, or check it out directly online with our virtual 360º laboratory tour.

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Parents recommend Vita 34

»We placed an order with Vita 34 when our son was born. This is why there was no question of whether or not to avail ourselves of this preventative service for our second child, as well. We strongly recommend the competent and fast service Vita 34 offers.«

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