VitaPlusDonation: Healthcare Provision with the Option of Donation

Donate or store umbilical cord blood? A question that occupies many parents. Since 2007 VitaPlusDonation has allowed you to provide for your own child with a private umbilical cord blood deposit and, in addition, make these stem cells available to another ill person as a potential lifesaver in case of emergency. The donation option does not involve any additional costs to you: You only pay the fee for the storage of the umbilical cord blood in accordance with your selected product option. Vita 34 takes care of all the rest for you.

VitaPlusDonation: Here’s How it Works

Have you made a decision in favor of the free, additional VitaPlusDonation option? Then we check, whether the umbilical cord blood is suitable for donation.  Subsequently, the blood data is made available to anonymously physicians searching for a suitable donor via a stem cell registry. If a patient requires these stem cells, the attending physician makes an inquiry with us. We only conduct additional preliminary tests and release the umbilical cord blood for treatment after you have provided written consent for dispensement of the umbilical cord blood. You then receive all of the funds you have paid to us up to then back with interest.

Donate or Store Privately?

Many parents seek decision-making assistance when it comes to the consequence-laden question: To publicly donate umbilical cord blood or store it privately for one’s own child?  The most important pros and cons, as well as the possible alternative, VitaPlusDonation.