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Dr. Wolfgang Knirsch (CEO)

Why storing stem cells with Vita 34?

  • 150,000stem cell deposits

    More than 150,000 stem cell deposits have been cryo-preserved with Vita 34. The cells remain young and viable at freezing conditions.

  • 30applications

    Stem cells stored with Vita 34 have been applied in medical therapies 30 times already.

  • 10world-beating stem cell banks

    Vita 34 is the only German stem cell bank to rank among the ten most influential and innovative banks worldwide.

An experienced team of stem cell specialists stands behind Vita 34, for whom the highest standards for stem cell preparations are barely good enough, so that Vita 34 is able to provide for quality and safety on the highest level for decades.

Vita 34 experts are all agreed that the future belongs to the stem cell therapy. That is our passion and vision of modern health care. A stem cell deposit containing stem cells from umbilical cord blood and tissue is an investment in health.

Our vision

We are convinced that stem cells from umbilical cord blood will help healing diseases in the future that are incurable at present. That is why we contribute to shaping and advancing the development in stem cell medicine. First and foremost, however, we want to give your child the chance to benefit from these possibilities.

Research creates knowledge
Knowledge creates progress

Our mission

To ensure our leading position regarding the collection, preparation, and cryo-preservation of umbilical cord blood and tissue in the long-term, Vita 34 contributes actively to research projects and support research initiatives of renowned universities, opinion-forming scientists, and leading research institutions.

Our responsibility

Vita 34 stands out due to the excellent quality of preparations, innovative processes and procedures, qualified specialized personnel, strict safety standards, and alliances with strong partners.

Experience creates quality
Quality creates confidence

Our action

Even though the possibility of storing umbilical cord blood has been introduced only a few years ago and most of the owners of stem cell deposits are children, preparations stored with Vita 34 were applied for treatment 30 times already.